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"Hell hath no fury like a mime scorned."

At the time of its creation, Mime Field was a small miracle at the end of one depressingly fruitless summer. Originally my heart was set on a different film project, and I'd spent months writing, building props and costumes, casting and scheduling actors, preparing music...but in the end, my feature-length spoof "Lord of the Things 2" was never meant to be.

Then one day, Ellie and I decided to get together and just make something. The mime idea had been inspired by N. T. Bullock's "The Heart and Other Playthings." We practiced a few tricks, went thrifting for costumes, and I had a sense of where I wanted the story to start, but that was about it in terms of preproduction. We drove out to a park in Farmington, Missouri and just ran around all afternoon, making it up as we went.

Ellie proved very cooperative and creative and impressed me numerous times with her stunning acting abilities! She was also very patient as I rushed back and forth across the field all day, setting up shots and recovering from heat stroke.

Another person who added to the fun was Mr. Sullivan of Sullivan Farms. He can be seen transporting hay bales in the background. He was like "What are you doing out here? And why are you talking to me if you're supposed to be mimes?" He was also gracious enough to leave behind one hay bale for us to use.

After shooting, I spent the next week or so at my friend Paul Hertenstein's house editing and composing and performing the music.

Fun fact: The last shot, where the flowers are peacefully fluttering was caused by us just blowing on them really hard and was later slowed down for the effect.

Looking back on it now, yeah, Mime Field is a little slow in parts, yeah, it's a little wacky in parts and almost embarassingly quirky. Yet, it represents a near-perfect day of just letting creativity flow. For that, it will always be special to me.

Hope you enjoy!
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