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Welcome to my subconscious..

This piece is the beginning of my experience with motion graphics.
The assignment was to create a piece utilizing green-screen,
and I couldn't help but do the entire movie with it.

For me, Me Vs. Us was a fun exercise in dynamic cinematography.
There's no intended poignant message here. I started to work
one in during production, but once I started editing the footage,
I realized this just needed to be crazy for craziness' sake.
I think of it as if it were one of my dreams.
The sequence doesn't make sense if you wake up and try to
think logically, but while you're asleep in it, it creates its own
rules and carries you along a bizzare story that you just accept.

I think the reason I set it in a giant kitchen environment is because
I used to play with action figures. I didn't think too hard about it,
but that just seemed the most natural environment
for a playful action sequence.

The inspiration for this came from a movie I made way back in
high school, called Me Vs. Me. It was shot on VHS and edited
with all the technical wizardry that two VCRs would afford.
Obviously, I couldn't show more than one of myself onscreen
at once, so I was excited to finally get to take that idea further.

Me Vs. Us also serves as an opportunity to show off my
Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3 costume in action!

Hope you enjoy!
Let me know what you think when you get a chance:

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